about us

MGN Alaris Consulting was founded by Ryszard Jax-Małachowski in 1995. The company has a large group of collaborators and, if necessary, task teams are created to implement the project. In our history so far, the largest team working at the same time for the implementation of a single order consisted of 16 people. For many years we have specialized in translating aviation documentation, but since 2007 we have been systematically expanding the scope of our activity.

We currently offer the following services:

– consultancy for aviation and non-aviation organizations

  • implementation of aviation regulations (EASA, FAA, ICAO);
  • problem solving and assistance in removing non-conformities;
  • conducting certification processes (Part 21G, Part 145, Part CAMO);
  • implementation of quality systems (QAS);
  • implementation of risk management systems (SMS), also outside aviation;
  • implementing “Just Culture”;
  • conducting risk analyzes, also outside aviation;
  • crisis management.

– conducting trainings for aviation and non-aviation entities

  • EASA regulations,
  • FAA regulations (FAR21 and FAR145)
  • ICAO regulations (Annexes 6, 8)
  • EMAR regulations (21, 145, M)
  • SMS
  • auditing
  • human factor management
  • and others 

– conducting certification processes for compliance with EASA requirements;
– implementation of security systems (SMS) and construction of “Just Culture”;
– auditing, including the performance of other party audits;
– performing security analyzes;
– creating operational manuals for small businesses;
– translation of documentation;
and any other interesting problem that you would like us to solve.