As part from coaching activieties supplied during certification processes, we can solve dedicated problems on an ongoing basis, conduct training, update organisational documentation, and support the internal quality / compliance and risk management system. We also provide compliance services agains ISO10007 standard.

Currently, the most frequently provided services are the implementation of safety management systems (according to ICAO/EASA standards and ISO3100) and the performance of safety analyses. We also train and implement a modern enterprise management tools, i.e. Just Culture.

Just Culture is an essential element for the proper functioning of the Safety Management System (SMS). Just Culture can be implemented without the implementation of SMS in the organization, as exemplified by the solutions used in Western healthcare systems.

In Polish CAA documents, the Just Culture is translated into Polish as a culture of fair treatment, but because we believe that this issue has a much wider scope, we generally stick to the original nomenclature.

The current situation of the developing deep crisis made it necessary to conduct training on events with a very low probability, but very serious consequences, commonly known as black swans. As part of the service in this area, we offer an analysis of the SMS system used in order to immunize the organization against black swans.